March 3, 2024

Terry Crews und Olivia Munn sind zwei der Stars aus Tales of the Walking Dead. Foto: [M] Byron Purvis/AdMedia/ImageCollect / AdMedia/ImageCollect

Tales of the Walking Dead: New Tales from the Apocalypse – Entertainment

Terry Crews and Olivia Munn are two stars of “Tales of the Walking Dead”. picture: [M] Byron Purvis / AdMedia / ImageCollect / AdMedia / ImageCollect

As “The Walking Dead” nears its end, another secondary show is now starting in the USA. However, it is not yet known when this will be shown in Germany.

It is impossible to kill the “walking dead”. While the main series celebrates its grand finale shortly after eleven seasons, a new chapter begins in the US today, August 14. “Tales of the Walking Dead” is an anthology series that tells several stories from the zombie apocalypse.

“A lot is at stake” in “Tales of the Walking Dead”

“Six different stories. A dead world”: With these words, the presenter AMC describes the episodic events. “People thought I was crazy. No one believed this could happen. No one ever believed bad things would happen,” says Terry Crews (54), known among other things from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” in trailer.

For many years, viewers knew very well what could happen. Because even these six episodes almost certainly won’t survive every character trying to find their way into a sea of ​​zombies. The announcer says: There is a lot at stake in every story. The characters face “life-threatening choices”.

In addition to the crew, the most famous names in the cast include Olivia Munn (42), Samantha Morton (45), Parker Posey (53) and Jesse T Asher (30), who embody A-Train in “The Boys”. So not only will there be new characters to see, but well-known characters will also celebrate their return. Because Morton is known as “Alpha” to fans of the universe.

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It is currently not clear whether this branch should remain with six episodes overall. When and where everything will be shown in Germany is uncertain. Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are probably among the most popular streaming candidates.

There are many more stories to come

The main series “The Walking Dead” ends this fall. 16 of the 24 total episodes of the eleventh season have already been shown. The American Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast the quarter-finals on the second of October. In Germany, fans can access the latest episodes on the Disney+ streaming service. The final episodes should also appear in this country shortly after the US debut.

The Walking Dead brand isn’t out yet. On the other hand, series fans can watch the two sub-shows “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” and “Fear the Walking Dead” on Amazon Prime Video. On the other hand, three other branches have already been confirmed.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan, 40) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 56) are expected to return to ‘Island of the Dead’ in 2023. A six-part series about Rick (Andrew Lincoln, 48) and Michonne (Danny Gurira, 44) to be released Next year. Other minor events revolve around Daryl (Norman Reedus, 53) and Carol (Melissa McBride, 57). However, McBride said goodbye to the project, which is why the focus should now be on Reedus’ character alone.

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