June 20, 2024

Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan did not attend the Queen's funeral

Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan did not attend the Queen’s funeral

In addition to Russia, Belarus and Myanmar, other countries have not received an invitation to the Queen’s funeral.


The basics in brief

  • Some countries do not receive invitations to the Queen’s funeral.
  • Russia, Belarus, Myanmar, Venezuela, Syria and Afghanistan are not included.

According to information from the British News Agency, representatives from Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan were not invited to the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The UK does not have diplomatic relations with Syria and Venezuela. The Palestinian Authority said on Wednesday that in the case of Afghanistan, the reason is the political situation after the radical Islamist Taliban movement took power.

Earlier, it became known that Russia and Belarus, as well as Southeast Asia and Myanmar, did not receive invitations to the September 19 ceremony. Like Iran, North Korea and Nicaragua are represented by only one ambassador.

Other countries are invited

Heads of state from other countries were invited. Members of the Commonwealth of Nations can bring ten citizens in addition to the Prime Minister, Governor-General and High Commissioner.

In addition, all Victoria and George Cross holders may attend the ceremony. These are the UK’s highest military and civilian honors, respectively.

Sunday King Charles III. Organizing a reception for invited guests. About 500 high-profile figures are expected, including US President Joe Biden.

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