Switzerland’s first home win at the African Cup of Nations in 22 years

The victory was overdue after dozens of honorary positions, but it was not given to Martin Fox and Company as a gift. Only three pairs mastered the challenging course twice without any mistakes. “Winning at home was high on my list of priorities,” Steve Guerdat confirmed. “I finally succeeded,” added the soon-to-be 40-year-old Olympic champion, who is always at the service of St. Gallen.

Fox: Two Empty Journeys

Based on the results, Fuchs is currently ranked number one in the team. A native of Zurich does just about everything right now. Saturday’s Grand Prix winner with Conner knocked championship horse Leon out of the stable and threw two empty runs. Young Eduard Schmitz of Geneva, who took part in the five-star Nations Cup for the first time, had only lost in the first round. Pius Schweizer in the Vancouver saddle showed his third empty Swiss flight in practice, thus firing Steve Guerdat with Venard. The Jurassic could not have improved the score and rested his horse. Fox could have been saved for a potential jump.

Whether the Swiss team’s performance was enough to win is up to 67-year-old Briton John Whitaker. As the last knight, he had to get his team into the volley against Switzerland for a flawless ride. But a pillar fell into the grass.

In the first round, Switzerland imposed a 4-point handicap on the first-half leader Great Britain (4 penalty points). At this point, only the top 7 countries were separated by 2 fouls (8 penalty points). After that, the separation prevailed.

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High intensity in the Swiss national team

Team boss, Michael Sorge, has a lot to draw from with a goal for the world championships in August in Herning, Denmark. Because with Brian Balsiger and Dubai, the couple who took to the big (third) podium on Saturday had to watch. The other candidates for the World Cup will be tested next Sunday in Sopot, Poland.

In two months in Denmark, not only medals will be contested, but five out of ten Olympic tickets as well. Named for the Swiss national team, Fuchs and Guerdat with their potential, Balsiger, Schwizer and Schmitz announced themselves in St. Gallen.

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