June 23, 2024

Switzerland will face RCF in the Women's World Cup Final

Switzerland will face RCF in the Women’s World Cup Final

The defending champion Switzerland and the Russian Federation of Curling Federation (RCF) meet after reaching the semi-finals in Calgary in the Women’s World Cup Final in Curling.

Switzerland, overtaken by Silvana Terenzoni, defeated the United States 7-3 in the semifinals of the Wynn Sport Arena.

Terrenzoni dominated the match after capturing two in the seventh final, giving their team a 6–2 lead.

Ice skating rink Alina Kovaleva reached the final with a 7: 8 victory over Sweden and ended Anna Hasselberg’s bid to win her first world title.

Kovaleva scored four goals in the fourth end and stole a goal in the fifth to get the match out of their necks, but Hasselberg managed to give his team a fighting chance and responded with three at the next end.

Unfortunately for Sweden, the comeback was halted as the ends became tight and it took two with a hammer at the last end to get an extra goal – but he only managed to score one which gave RCF the win.

Sweden will play the United States in the bronze medal match.

Switzerland and RCF are ranked the top two teams after the role of Robin, the semi-finals. The qualifying matches were held earlier in the day between the nations in centers three to six.

Sweden, led by Hasselburg, qualified for the round of 16 after defeating Canadian Kerry Enarsson 8-3.

Einarson reached the playoffs after sixth, but the Olympic champions were late.

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And conceded the net of Canada goal at the end of the ninth game after defeating the Hasselberg team three times twice.

In the other qualifying match, the United States, led by Tabitha Peterson, announced its final victory over Denmark, led by Madeleine Dupont, after she scored a hammer goal.

The United States won 8-7 with the help of the Quartet, who scored three goals in the sixth and eighth finals.

The tournament is scheduled for tomorrow.