June 20, 2024

Switzerland - There is plenty of room for improvement in Petkovic's side after their 2-1 win over USA

Switzerland – There is plenty of room for improvement in Petkovic’s side after their 2-1 win over USA

Swiss national team

There is plenty of room for improvement in Petkovic’s side after their 2-1 win over the USA

Sometimes the tired Swiss beat the US 2-1 in the first test before EM. Meet the problem children Rodriguez and Zuber.

Difficult: Granit Xhaka in a duel against Timothy Weah.

BUILD: Claudio de Capitani / Fresh Fox

They should remain healthy and gain self-confidence, as they want. Because national coach Petkovic is not in the mood for a lot of trouble, he’s not sending the best, but a good starting lineup against the United States in the first two Tests before the European Championship finals. But after five minutes, there is an increase in self-confidence for the time being. Swiss weak defense, Xhaka leaves Rina cross pass, Elvedi insufficiently wiped, the ball falls in front of the feet of Lletget, who hits the left corner.

The Swiss were not far behind for long. Then they arrive at the match with the score, because the equalizer succeeds with the first dangerous attack in the tenth minute: Rodriguez, with his ninth goal in the 80th international match, is the top scorer of the left half, which he presented and destroys perfectly. Right. However, guests from the United States are better in the aftermath, despite the absence of Pulisic, who just won the Champions League with Chelsea. But even so, they have a few great players like Dest (Barcelona), Reina (Dortmund) or McKinney (Juventus) in their ranks. They partially mimic EM’s opponents Turkey and Wales.

It can only help some Swiss players get a match experience they can use. Cher, for example, after injuring his knee, Rodriguez, who was not allowed to participate in the Torino club this season.

In the first half, the Swiss were not enough

In general, the first half is not good, and the Swiss themselves usually get into trouble, for example in the 27th minute when Cher is the last player to make a bad pass and Leggett hits the outside net. Under Petkovic’s leadership, you should be looking for playful solutions in the back, no matter how difficult these sometimes get on your nerves are.

Moments later, Aaronson checks Swiss number one, Sommer on the job. Then, Dest has a chance, too. The United States, which has warmed up in Crans-Montana for the final tournament of the Nations League in North and Central America and the Caribbean, is in any case more energetic, has more possession, and the Swiss are thrifty, uninspired, and less forceful than outspoken. You look tired, lethargic and exhausted after your hard days of training in Bad Ragaz.

Stephen Zuber (right) is one of the winners.

Stephen Zuber (right) is one of the winners.

Photo: Jian Ehrenzeler/Keystone

But then she has to enter the second half with a score of 2-1. He plays and destroys the match by Dest in the penalty area, there is a penalty kick, but Rodriguez misses. Until then, this picture will stand still: Cher plays with fire now and then, Elvedi deals with fouls, Captain Xhaka is anything but game-defining, and Shaqiri, Embolo, and Svirovic are never seen. After the match, Goalie Sommer will say:

“We made life difficult for ourselves in the first half, and our body language was not what we had to do in the European Championships. But in the second, we were in control. It was a very good test.”

After the break, Petkovic changed three times, bringing Akanji, Zuber and Froller to Elvedi, Benito and Shaqiri. And the Swiss play even more dynamically after Reina’s shot into the post in the 51st minute, which made Zuber’s poor pass possible in the first place. But as Sommer realized, they are now in control. Within a short period of time, Embolo missed two crazy chances against US goalkeeper Horvath.

Embolo misses two good options

After all, the man from Gladbach is also involved in the next dangerous Swiss scene, hitting the ball twice – and Zuber slipping to make it 2-1 in the 63rd minute. The score is now fitting for world number 13, at least that, even if it’s brilliant and a bit of a reward. Zuber, who is also a troubled kid in Frankfurt at the club, is now really good, Freler spoils his surrender in the 81st minute. Then, Sverovic has the decision, but he lifts the ball far from the goal – matching his performance.

Haris Seferovic: He has already shown significantly better international players.

Haris Seferovic: He has already shown significantly better international players.

Photo: Jian Ehrenzeler/Keystone

Driving isn’t undeserved anymore, because the US with its changes (YB Professional Siebatcheu also comes) shrunk more than just build. And in the end victory is never in danger, so the self-confidence worked, especially after being left behind, and no one was hurt either. They are also self-critical, the Swiss, asserting several times that increased performance will be necessary for emerging markets.

Three players canceled – Freuler, Widmer and Zuber good

The winner that evening in St. Gallen? If the game helps anyone, it’s Freuler, Widmer, and Zuber. Before the last European Championship test on Thursday against Liechtenstein, Petkovic will have hours until this evening when he will make a decision. Kopel, Gavranovic, Mbabo, Omrajic, Sue, Ndwi – these are the Swiss who had to sit in the stands against the United States. There are still three players missing in the 26-player EM squad. This could indicate that he should be tight for Ndwi and Kopel, the fourth goalkeeper and possibly soon under contract with Dortmund.

Switzerland-US 2:1 (1:1)
Kibonpark – 100 spectators – SR. Osmers.
rip: 5. Lletget 0: 1. 10. Rodriguez 1: 1. 63. Basin 2: 1. Switzerland: summer; Elvedi (46 Akanji), Schär, Benito (46 Zuber); Widmer, Zacharias; Shaka, Rodriguez (Commert 68); Shaqiri (46 Freuler); Seferovic (Night of 84 Barrels), Ambolo (68 Muhammed).
Notes: 41. Rodriguez takes a penalty kick by hand. 51st after the USA shot.

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