December 10, 2023

Switzerland: the best animal welfare law in the world?  |  wild with the game

Switzerland: the best animal welfare law in the world? | wild with the game

An American company awarded Switzerland a grade of B+ in an international survey on the topic of animal welfare.

Luxembourg, Great Britain and Austria rank first, Iran, Vietnam and China rank worst compared to 65 countries.

Switzerland lags between Bulgaria and Greece in tenth place.

Animal welfare laws are very different around the world. Animal rights activists argue that animals are sentient beings who deserve to live without suffering. From recognizing animal allergies to banning fur farming, many countries are doing everything they can to combat animal cruelty. There are also other considerations that can affect animal health and welfare, such as pesticide use and meat consumption.

The main reason European countries do so well is that they all have laws against cruelty to animals and regulations that recognize that animals are sensitive and can be in pain. They also have a total or partial ban on fur cultivation.

Surprisingly, the United States ranks 40th on the list. While the country has had strict animal protection and anti-cruelty laws in the past, its excessive consumption of meat, no restrictions on fur farming, relatively few protected areas, and the fact that animal consciousness is not recognized at the federal level are negligible. The country will fall behind.

Many people own pets and consider them a part of their family, but they often do not associate pets with animals used for food, resources, and general wildlife. Humanists believe that all animals deserve equal consideration for their well-being, whether they are pets, farm animals, or wild animals.

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Gary Yurovsky

Swiftest claims to have collected statistics from international data sources to determine the best and worst countries for animal welfare in 2021.

studying It sets a total of nine criteria, including recognition of the sensitivity and suffering of animals, and laws against cruelty to animals and the use of pesticides per hectare of cultivated land.

Switzerland has only a partial ban on fur, a relatively small percentage of protected areas and a relatively high per capita meat consumption.

On February 13, 2022, Swiss voters will have the final say on a proposal from animal rights groups Animal testing is prohibited , which would definitely be good for arrangement.

Air fishing always has a negative effect.

  • The Swiss government was expressly requested by IG Wild for the game, the application according to the Geneva Cantonal Model, Article 162: “Hunting of mammals and birds is prohibited. The authorities reserve the right to take measures to regulate wild animals“, To implement.

What are animal rights?

In essence, there is a belief that all animals should be given the same level of empathy as humans. It is believed that animals are not just possessions – they are living, breathing creatures that can feel pain. Recognizing this is one of the fundamental principles of animal rights. The more we know about how animals think and feel pain, the more we can work to protect and treat them humanely.

Some groups in the animal rights movement such as vegans go further and reject all animal by-products, including hides and dairy products. They argue that animals, even if treated with first-class treatment and humanely killed their entire lives, should not have their lives ended by humans. These people are generally against these practices:

  • Experiments and tests of medicines and cosmetics on animals
  • Using animals for hard physical work
  • Raising and killing animals to produce food or clothing
  • for hunting
  • Selective breeding for purposes other than animal welfare
  • Zoos and animals used for recreation
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