Switzerland requires a Vax pass for indoor places, including tourists

Switzerland is the latest country to issue a vaccination card that requires citizens and even tourists to carry a digital certificate with them to dine at restaurants, among other things.

A so-called “COVID-19 certificate” is required for every person over 16 who wishes to enter a restaurant as well as cultural and recreational facilities.

The regulation, which applies to citizens and tourists alike, is in effect until at least January 24, 2022.

As described earlier BBCThe EU vaccine permit is available in all 27 member states as well as in Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. The certificate can be issued if someone has been vaccinated against COVID-19, recently had a negative PCR test, or recently recovered from COVID-19 – which means natural immunity is taken into account.

Based on the general situation, [Switzerland’s] The Federal Council decided to expand certification requirements for people over 16 years of age. This is to prevent overburdening hospitals. “This measure will take two to three weeks to have an impact on the situation in hospitals,” the government statement said.

“This means that all people who can demonstrate complete vaccination against COVID-19, who have recovered from the disease or who have recently tested negative, can participate in indoor and many activities in Switzerland without restrictions,” the website says.

“Access to cultural and recreational activities such as zoos, libraries, museums, fitness centers, water parks, swimming pools and casinos will also be restricted to COVID-19 certificate holders. In addition, certification will also be mandatory for those who wish.” Access to indoor sports and cultural activities.

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The council adds that anyone who enters facilities without a certificate faces a fine of more than $100. Institutions that do not meet the requirements can be fined or closed.

Switzerland’s move to introduce an EU vaccine passport comes amid the UK’s rejection of the system. Britain’s health minister last week scrapped plans to introduce vaccination cards for access to nightclubs and major sporting events. BBC mentioned.

“We should do nothing for them,” said Britain’s Secretary of State for Health and Welfare, Sajid Javid, the selling point.

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