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Switzerland loses to the Czech Republic

Switzerland loses to the Czech Republic

Switzerland is at a disadvantage in the Czech Republic.Photo: cornerstone

Switzerland initially failed in the League of Nations. Murat Yakin’s team lost 2-1 to the Czech Republic in Prague after a poor performance.

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An own goal by Djibril Su, who turned a cross from Jakub Jankto into his own goal just under an hour later sealed the match in front of 12,000 spectators at the beautiful Sinobo Stadium in Prague. The winning goal for the host was well deserved. Shortly before that, Adam Hlozyk (54), who will go to Bayer Leverkusen, and Vladimir Koval missed 2-1 with a 25-meter shot against the post.

The Swiss were punished for their passivity for the second time that evening. After a good start after the break, they fell back again. After that they restrained themselves again, but were unable to respond again. The best chances to achieve 2-2 came from Sylvain Widmer (66) and Brill Empolo (84), both of whom were blocked by Thomas Vaclic. The former Basel goalkeeper gave an impeccable performance in his 50th match for the Czech Republic.

“The goals conceded are two random products. Before and after controlling the match we had good chances. When we take the lead, the game looks completely different. We showed good combinations in attack. The team showed the football we set out to do.”

Murat Yakin, coach of the national teamsrf

Even if the Swiss had had more of the game in the last half hour and pressed to equalize in injury time, a point win would be lucky due to the performance. Above all, the defense, which had been doing well under Yakin, was not up to the task at all for once. Bankruptcies, misfortune and collapse have shaped Switzerland’s defensive behavior. Symptoms were the two goals handed over, as both center back and Yan summer Did not cut a good figure.

In the first half, the Swiss defense was not sure of anything. The poor performance for extended periods was covered up by Noah Okafor’s equalizer shortly before the half-time whistle. Salzburg scored his second goal in the fifth international match in the 44th minute after a good mixture from the left flank.

“We started well, Brill had a good chance. Both goals were fun. We had our chances but we didn’t convert them. It was a very strange game. There were a lot of losses on the ball, and it just wasn’t right. We have to learn from that.”

Granit Shaka, Captainsrf

However, the 1-1 score was more than satisfying. Except for the starting stage, when Empolo alone gave Vaclic a 1-0 lead (tenth), SFV’s selection gave a poor performance. Nico Elvedi and Fabian Scher in particular had a bad day and had many dropouts. One of those gave the Czech team the lead when a throw-in surprised everyone, sailed across the Swiss penalty area and sent Jan Kochta over the goal line at the back post (11). Then the string broke in the Swiss match for the first time. Sommer prevented an early preliminary decision with a superb shock when Yankto fired from a tight angle (34′).

Yakin was in the starting lineup as announced Xherdan Shaqiri waiver. The Chicago Fire attacking midfielder joined the team only on Tuesday and trained with the team for the first time on Wednesday. But his impact on the match after coming in the 68th minute remained minimal.

In his place, he nominated Yakin Djibril Su of Eintracht Frankfurt, the Europa League winner. The guy from Zurich struggled sadly and wasn’t necessarily able to collect extra points in the fight for a regular spot. However, it was unfortunate that in the end he became the winner of the match for the Czechs. Manuel Akanji was not the patient in the squad.

“It was a tough match against an aggressive opponent. We struggled with certain crosses and one throw-in. It’s a bitter defeat. We just didn’t play well. However, we had some good chances. If we were more efficient, it might look different in the end” .

Jan Sommer, goalkeepersrf

After a failed start, the Swiss are fighting for relegation in the First Division The League of Nations Already under pressure. On Sunday, the SFV selection in Lisbon will have a chance to right themselves when they meet Portugal. At the premiere of the Nations Championship was Switzerland She met the 2016 European champion in the semi-finals of the Final Four in Porto, which she lost 3-1. Cristiano Ronaldo He scored three times, four days later, the Portuguese also won the final premiere of the competition against the Netherlands.

Czech-Switzerland 2:1 (1:1)
Sinobo Stadium, Prague. – 12’236 spectators. – SR Siebert (Germany).
gates: 11. Kuchta 1-0. 44- Akafor 1: 1. 58. Kushta (Yanktu) 2-1.
Czech Republic: Faclik. Zima, Brabec, Krigsey; Koval, Sochik, Sadlik (84 Kalvash), Zelini (87 Matigo); Jankto (Lingr 68), Kuchta (Pesek 68), Hlozek (Jurecka 87).
Switzerland: summer; Widmer, Schär, Elvedi, Rodriguez (87th Lotomba); Sue (69 Zuber), Froeller, Shaka, Vargas (Sevirovic 87); Okafor (69 Shakiri); Ambolo (92. Gavranovic).
Notes: Czech Republic without Schick, Barak, Kallas, Fedra, Holz, and Masopest (all injured), Switzerland without Akanji and Zacharias (both injured), Bhutany and Mfugo (both additional). 56. Post Shot Koval.
Warnings: 20. Brabec (foul) 31. Elvedi (false) 35. Schär (foul) 80. Krejci (late match). (Abu/Sada)

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