June 20, 2024

Switzerland is once again the most innovative country in the world

Switzerland is once again the most innovative country in the world

In 2021, Switzerland was the most innovative country in the world for the 12th consecutive time. Who is this World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Innovation Index 2022 Outside. Switzerland is a world leader in the categories of innovation output, patents by origin, software development spending, high-tech manufacturing, and the complexity of exported goods.

As in the previous year The USA, Sweden and the UK track in the background. According to the report, the United States pushed Sweden from second place to third place this year.

This year, Germany achieved its best position since 2009. With the top positions in the areas of human capital and research and development expenditures, the Federal Republic of Germany ranks eighth in the world.

Most Innovative Countries by Region. (Source: Global Innovation Index 2022)

Europe remains the most innovative region in the world. Seven countries are in the top ten in this region. Basically, as usual, high-income countries top the list.

In terms of investments, the picture is the same as last year, according to the report: Companies in software, Internet and communications technologies, electronic devices and appliances, and pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in particular, have increased their spending and, accordingly, their research and development activities. .

About the index

WIPO publishes the Global Innovation Index 2022, which appears for the fifteenth time this year, in cooperation with the Portolans Institute.

The index, which is published annually, provides key performance indicators and ranks 132 economies according to their innovation system. The indicator is based on a comprehensive data set: 81 indicators are collected from international public and private sources.

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