November 28, 2023

Switzerland Climate Strike: We need to change the system!

Switzerland Climate Strike: We need to change the system!

Klimastreik Schweiz says companies are getting richer by destroying our livelihoods. Another guest.

The basics in brief

  • Glencore has been fined in the UK over corruption cases.
  • The fine does not really harm the raw material company.
  • For Nina Major of the Swiss Climate Strike, a change of regime is needed. Another guest.

A few weeks ago, the commodity group Glencore of Great Britain was found guilty of providing bribes to government institutions in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and other African countries in order to obtain benefits in oil exploration.

According to investigators, Glencore was said to have spent a total of about 28 million US dollars on the bribery.

Investigations are also underway against Glencore in corruption cases in Switzerland and the Netherlands. In Brazil, Glencore paid damages to the authorities to avoid a lawsuit.

Fines such as Glencore’s “normal” business expenses

Apparently, the group has already made provisions for court cases: in February, it was allocated $ 1.2 billion for any fines. So Glencore anticipated penalties and therefore illegal business practices up front.

For a multibillion-dollar company that is currently generating more sales than it has in recent years and has announced that it will pay $4 billion to its shareholders this year, that amount isn’t much of a problem.

Spotlight on Corruption, a nongovernmental organization that studies corruption, warns that companies like Glencore may soon start budgeting for such relatively modest fines as the “normal” cost of doing business.

System change!

In a capitalist system where increasing profits is the primary goal, it is not surprising that companies are not shy about using means such as bribery in order to increase their profits. As long as these companies can simply buy their way out of action against them with a payout, this will not change.

So we need to change the system! We need an economic system that works primarily to ensure our well-being and sustain our livelihoods.

We need a world where all people have priority, not the profits of a few.

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