March 2, 2024

Switzerland beat France in the round of 16

Switzerland beat France in the round of 16

Quarter-finals qualification is over! The Swiss national team knocked France out of Euro 2020 thanks to a dramatic victory on penalties.

The basics in brief

  • For the first time since 1954, Switzerland reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup.
  • Nati dramatically defeated France and the world champions after a penalty shootout.
  • In the next round, Petkovic-Ilf meets Spain.

Mad! The Swiss team shines dramatically in the Euro 2020 quarter-finals! team in Coach Vladimir Petkovic Defeats the top candidates from France on penalties!

Thus, Switzerland ends a drought that lasted 67 years. 1954 was the last time the national team reached the quarter-finals of a major tournament.

Seferovic hits the lead

The national team starts strong in the game. Defense is compressed. The French stars had no chances in the first half.

And in the foreground, Switzerland itself is suffering from the cold. Seferovic headed his goals in front after 15 minutes. It remains that way until the end of the first half.

Seferovic’s goalkeeper gives Switzerland the lead against France. – SRF

After changing sides, events unfold. After 54 minutes, Switzerland got a penalty after consulting the VAR. And shoot!

Penalty and catch-up drama

Rodriguez failed from the point Hugo Lloris. What follows is unbearable for Nati fans. Just two minutes after Rodriguez’s shot was wasted, Benzema made the score 1-1.

Ricardo Rodriguez pays a penalty against France. – SRF

And only one more turn in his hand later, he identified the real star 2:1 for France. The game spins!

As a result, the elect acted in shock. Pogba takes care of the supposed initial decision with a dreamlike flick and 3:1.

However, Seferovic brings the Swiss close to a second header ten minutes from the end.

Extension of Javanovic’s forces

And it gets even better! Javranovic scored 3:3 shortly before the end. The national team saves in overtime. The Swiss show incredible morale!

Mario Gavranovic scores the equalizer. – SRF

There are no goals in overtime. Penalty kicks must be decided. And there Switzerland has a better end to itself!

Summer as a champion against Mbappe

She hit the first nine shooters, then the star Mbappe ran. Sommer doubts the corner and sends Switzerland to the quarter-finals with its review.

Jan Sommer saves a penalty kick from Kylian Mbappe. – SRF

With the victory, the national team offers a big surprise. France was one of the biggest contenders for the title. Now the Équipe Tricolore must clear its sails after the round of 16.

The Swiss will continue in the quarter-finals on Friday. There the Confederacy meets Spain.

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