October 5, 2023

Swiss women stand no chance against Canada |  Sports indoors / outdoors

Swiss women stand no chance against Canada | Sports indoors / outdoors

Women’s World Cup – The Swiss women’s ice hockey team maintained their victory in their third appearance at the World Cup in Calgary. In front of host and candidate Canada, Switzerland lost 5-0.

Swiss women can hope for a third place against the first candidate. Thanks to goalkeeper Andrea Brindley, Switzerland had all the chances at the start of the mid-third 0-0. The 24-year-old, who was outside the Ohio State University gate, blocked 21 shots in the third start. However, the happy start for the Swiss team did not derail the hosts. As in the first two games, where Canada also failed to score in the first match three, the levees broke in the 22nd minute.

Team Canada went from 0:0 to 3:0 until the 30th minute, with the favorite even dealing with the final third with a quiet reserve of four goals. “Of course we would like to start better,” Canada coach Troy Ryan said after the match. “But the energy we use in the first period will benefit us afterwards.” Only by changing the goalkeeper at the start of the final third when the score was 0:5 – Saskia Maurer came for Brändli – Switzerland were able to stop the furioso’s Canadian attack. Even if Switzerland remains scoreless in the seventh duel with Canada, 0:5 is the closest result so far against the top candidates.

Without their top scorer Alina Muller, who injured her knee in the match against Russia, Switzerland remained unremarkable offensively. The statisticians counted shots on goal for the Canadians until the end of the match. The Swiss team did not even know how to take advantage of the penalties from its opponents. The unprecedented 0:1 mark fell during a power game for Switzerland.

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The fact that the Swiss teams are still pointless after three appearances and ahead of Thursday’s group final against the Finns and the 2019 World Cup runners-up, is nothing to worry about. As one of the top five teams, they are sure to get a place in the quarter-finals anyway.