October 4, 2023

Swiss news from EC 2022 - Triathlete Westermann makes it into the top ten - sport

Swiss news from EC 2022 – Triathlete Westermann makes it into the top ten – sport


Show a strong performance

Simon Westerman (far right) at the start.

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  • Triathlon: Simon Westerman upset, ninth.
  • Rowing: 4th place in the European ATV Championship with gratitude.
  • The quartet without men’s ranks in Munich took fifth place.
  • Track bike: Valer Tibod (6th) and Claudio Imhof (7th) miss a medal in the individual pursuit.
  • Sports climbing: The male Swiss duo do not stand a chance of qualifying for the semi-finals.

Triathlete Westermann in the top ten

The European triathlon title goes to France again. World number 1 Leo Berger relegated his compatriots Pierre Le Curie and Dorian Konincks (European Champion 2021) to their place. Berger won in a time of 1:41.09 hours and thus won a major title for the first time in his career. From a Swiss point of view, Simon Westermann gave the best endearing performance with a ninth place. The 24-year-old from Winterthur joined the leading group after the swim part (1500m). He repeatedly drove the 12 lane of the bike path (39.2 km). Participant favorite Max Studer couldn’t make up the 45-second gap on the running track. On the contrary, it ranked 22nd by more than 3 minutes, and Sylvain Friedlans ranked 36th.

The women’s rowing boats ranked fourth

The women’s quartet missed medals at the European Championships in Munich. The boat with Celia Dupre, Salome Ulrich, Lisa Loescher and Pascal Walker, successfully rowed to fourth. The Swiss quad had a solid start to the race and was in medal position for a good half distance. But in the last 700 metres, Ukraine came and overtook Switzerland. Eastern Europeans managed to use a reserve of about 3.5 seconds to the end. Great Britain celebrated a superior victory at the summit. Silver went to Holland.

The men’s quartet is in fifth place

The four newly formed Swiss players with Joel Schurch, Tim Roth, Roman Rossli and Andreen Julich showed off a fine final at the European Championships in Munich, but they clearly missed out on the medals. The quartet, who only has a few kilometers of training together in the arms and legs, finished fifth in 6:23.82 minutes. Switzerland was good 4sec away from the bronze medal. Halfway through the race, Röösli and Co could still flirt with precious metals in lane 1, but the top teams then pulled out. Gold went to Great Britain in a time of 6:15.43 minutes ahead of the Netherlands and Romania. Poland won the fight for fourth place against Switzerland by 0.30 seconds.

Climbers who have no hope of getting a place in the final

In the semi-finals of the rock competition, the two Swiss entrants were unable to identify any accents. Julien Clémence and teammate Sascha Lehmann have only solved one problem at Königsplatz in Munich. The wall was filled with four extremely treacherous roads. As a result, the Swiss were seeded at the end of a field of 20 participants, and they clearly missed the final with the top six.

Nothing can be counted in a solo quest

Swiss individual race participants cannot qualify for the track finals. Valaire Thibaud and Claudio Imhoff finished sixth and seventh in the men’s class, respectively, with Fabian Bure 12th and Jasmine Lechte 18th in the women’s class.

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