December 10, 2023

Swedish Prime Minister resigns on election day

Swedish Prime Minister resigns on election day

In the morning she was elected as the new head of government in Sweden. Magdalena Anderson has now resigned.

The basics in brief

  • Magdalena Andersson has resigned as Prime Minister of Sweden.
  • Curious: She was elected to this position only nine hours ago.

In a few hours your choice to Swedish first head of government Magdalena Anderson announced her resignation. The Social Democrat MP in Stockholm said Wednesday that she had requested the dismissal of Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlin, but is striving to take over the post of prime minister again.

Norlein agreed to the SPD’s request for dismissal and announced that he would now contact party leaders to discuss the situation. He will give information on how to proceed on Thursday afternoon.

The first Swedish prime minister

Andersen was the first woman elected prime minister of Sweden at the Reichstag in Stockholm on Wednesday morning.

Previously they had vegetables In a dispute over the budget proposal for opposition Announced Government Leaves.

The reason for this is that the file Parliament In Stockholm on Wednesday an alternative budget proposal from opposition I have accepted. For the first time, the parliament in Stockholm has approved the state budget that was negotiated “with a far-right party,” one of the leaders of the Green Party, Per Bolund, said at a press conference.

It is common in Sweden for a coalition government to step down when the coalition party leaves. She doesn’t want anything Government Anderson said: Leadership whose legitimacy is questioned. The 54-year-old hopes to return with a purely social democratic minority government – and he points out the green She still wanted her support as prime minister.

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