October 4, 2023

Sweden beats Great Britain in Ice Hockey World Championship: Group B - Winter Games - Ice Hockey

Sweden beats Great Britain in Ice Hockey World Championship: Group B – Winter Games – Ice Hockey

Photo: © GEPA

Helsinki / Tampere – Tuesday 17/05/2022 21:38 pm

Sweden are unbeaten in Division B of the Ice Hockey World Championship. “Tre Kronor” has no problem against Great Britain and is higher than British 6: 0.

Just 13 seconds later the Asplant started the score, after which Norlander took his time and Nordstrom (8th) made it 2-0. The bitter minutes continued for the underdogs before the first break as Pengson (11th) and Dahlin (14th) made it 4-0. Asplant finishes third when it opens: with a goal five seconds before the siren (20./PP).

The eleven-time world champion defended himself for victory against hosts Finland on Wednesday (7:20 pm). Live ticker) And shifts down several gears. Nevertheless, Great Britain did not turn dangerous, so Pengson (54th) scored the final goal with his second goal.

Due to the excellent goal difference, Sweden overtook the Finns by the same number of points (both 9 points). Great Britain brings the back of ÖEHV Group B with a point.

Kazakhstan almost surprises Switzerland

In Helsinki, Kazakhstan is causing more problems than Switzerland wants. However in the end the Swiss won 3-2.

“Nutty” dominated from the start of the game, but goalkeeper Andrei Shudov is pulling the nerves of the favorites. In second and third place, Switzerland finally use its superiority and, after the victories of Malkin (24th) and Simeone (35th), go into the final third with a two-goal lead.

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There, Blogger (46 ‘/ SH) created a lot of tension with more goals than his own, and the Kazakhs responded to Herzog’s 3-1 (56’) in Orekov (58 ‘) form. However, they no longer want to equalize.

Canada and Switzerland are top of Group A with nine points each, while Kazakhstan has zero points, similar to Italy.

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