December 5, 2023

Sweden: According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, Russia plans to seize Gotland by 2028

The fact that Russia has significantly lost influence compared to NATO in the Baltic Sea region can be easily seen on the map. Finland has already joined the Western military alliance, and Sweden is expected to follow suit soon. Geographically, NATO’s circle around the Baltic Sea is almost closed.

Swedish tanks patrolled the island of Gotland in early 2022 in response to “increasing Russian activity in the region.” (Symbol image: 7th Army Training Command, CC BY 2.0)

Does this mean that there is calm in the region? If Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gets his way, the whole matter should be viewed with the utmost caution. After all, he himself knows best what Russia might be willing to do once the leadership sets its sights on a goal.

At a meeting of the so-called JEF (Joint Expeditionary Force) on Friday, Zelensky never tired of emphasizing that Moscow’s ambitions in the Baltic Sea region, in his opinion, were in no way diminished.

On the contrary, in his video speech he warned participants from Estonia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark and Iceland to prepare for large-scale destabilization attempts by Moscow in the Baltic Sea region.

So to speak, as a preliminary phase for Putin, which, according to Zelensky, could then be followed by a Russian military attack on the Swedish island of Gotland this decade – perhaps even 2028.

Strategically, this would indeed be a huge gain for Moscow, as the map also reveals. “The occupation of Gotland means control of the entire Baltic Sea region. It is therefore clear that Russian state propagandists are calling for the seizure of the island,” the Ukrainian president said.

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The JEF was established in 2014 as a multinational rapid intervention and rapid reaction force

It is appropriate that the IMF Summit be held in Jutland. He added that this is “a strong signal in a very symbolic place where heads of state speak about Europe’s security and the long-term protection of our countries.” Zelensky.

As an alliance, the Fund focuses on the Far North and North Atlantic as well as the Baltic Sea. Once necessary, the United Kingdom, as the largest member, assumes military command and receives support from the remaining member states.

The Joint Expeditionary Force was established by Great Britain in 2014. The multinational force and rapid reaction force must be able to mobilize 10,000 soldiers immediately in case of danger.

In addition to potential military operations for self-protection, peace missions or humanitarian operations could also be part of the scope of JEFF. Above all, the alliance wants to say that it is better to leave it alone. The ear to which Putin may be deaf.

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