Surreal photos: this is what the Kamchatka region looked like after the volcanic eruption

Surreal photos

This is what the Kamchatka region looks like after a volcanic eruption

The Zevluch volcano has spewed huge amounts of ash into the skies of northeastern Russia in recent days. Now the ashes have settled, leaving a lunar landscape.


Martian home? No, just a house in Russian Kamchatka.

via Reuters

  • A volcano in northeastern Russia has spewed huge amounts of ash into the sky.

  • Instead of snow, Katchatka is currently engulfed in a blanket of ash.

  • Some take the gray-brown mass with humor.

after Massive ash eruption from the population of the Kamchatka region He wakes up in a new world in northeastern Russia. When you look out the window, you might quickly think that you have been abducted overnight by the inhabitants of other planets – the sky glows unrealistically orange, and the snow has disappeared under a thick layer of ash.

Because the Schiweluch volcano, just one of hundreds of volcanoes on the peninsula, spewed the largest amount of ash in the area in 60 years on Tuesday. Poisonous fumes and lava leaked from the mountain itself, but there was no violent eruption.

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Now, after hours in the air, most of the fine ash particles have fallen to the ground, covering cars, roads and homes in a layer several centimeters thick, as images on social media show. Some even used the fine particles to make an angel out of the ashes.

At times, the highest alert level was applied to air traffic in the area, but according to Russian authorities, there was no immediate danger to residents. Pictures show that more than ten centimeters of ash was deposited in individual locations.

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