December 10, 2023

Surface Laptop 4 update improves graphics performance for AMD models

Microsoft has more Surface firmware and driver updates for the AMD version of Surface Laptop 4-Serie chest. As far as is known so far, these are security related changes and improvements, especially for graphics performance.

Microsoft has brought a new firmware update on the way, which brings security related changes with it. Microsoft has all the important information about changes to Summary pages have been compiled for the fourth generation. There you will find a list of all available driver updates. The update is recommended for all Surface Laptop owners AMD version to use. The Surface Laptop 4 with Intel chipset received an update a few days ago. The November 2021 update is in the pipeline for a few days. These firmware updates will be distributed gradually, i.e. offered to all affected users, but not in one fell swoop.

This update:

  • Improves device stability and reliability
  • Improves graphics stability and performance
  • Addresses a serious security vulnerability and improves system stability
  • Improves stability of Surface Dock 2 connections and interoperability scenarios


However, many details about the content of the update have not been released yet. The update is available from Windows 10 version 20h2 (November Update 2020) It is therefore also available for newer Windows 10 versions. You can simply get the update automatically via the Windows Update function and you can install it there with the click of a confirmation button. If you want to force updates, you can use the update function to check for new updates and then execute -or- the updates shown there. In most cases, updates are cumulative – so if an update is missing, the changes will be uploaded to the latest driver/firmware version.

You may also see Optional Updates in your Windows Update settings. Microsoft recommends selecting these updates to ensure that all Surface drivers included in this release are installed. When it comes to firmware updates, it is important to know that they cannot be uninstalled or rolled back to a previous version.

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