October 3, 2023

Supernatural Experience - Why do we see ghosts and want to get creeps - Culture

Supernatural Experience – Why do we see ghosts and want to get creeps – Culture


German parapsychologist Walter von Lucado is convinced that there are ghostly apparitions. His thesis: Anyone who sees ghosts is probably hiding a problem.

“Some people hear voices, others see ghosts, and others see things moving in the air.” Walter von Lucado is probably the most famous ghost hacker in German-speaking countries. Where not to go ghost hunting with a fishing net.

The 76-year-old deals with ghost with scientific methods. The Doctor of Physics and Psychology has been running the Parapsychological Counseling Center in Freiburg for nearly three decades. People who experience supernatural things can register here.

Walter from Lucado

Psychologist and physicist

Open the people box
Close the person’s box

Walter von Lucado, born in 1945, has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Physics. runs by himself Consultation center for parapsychology He is convinced that his approach to explaining the paranormal will prevail in the science of the future. Von Locado holds seminars and lectures to bring parapsychology to the public.

Parapsychological Counseling Center Freiburg im Breisgau

Psychological shield

As a physicist, Walter von Lucado is a man of science. However, he is convinced that stalking exists and that ghostly apparitions do. His thesis: Anyone who sees ghosts is probably hiding a problem. Because we humans are attached to our environment on a subtle basis, this problem then appears as a ghost or apparition.

“People who see ghosts have a good psychological protection system because they unconsciously transfer their problem to the outside world and thus keep it in trouble,” Lucado says. His thesis is controversial in scientific circles, which he himself considers natural and important. “Criticism from colleagues is key, because it is easy to make mistakes. It is imperative that science take a closer look.”

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Goose bumps make us bigger

What is indisputable is the fact that many people enjoy hearing ghost stories and also enjoy taking out the creeps from time to time. “Feeling awe and fear have given humans an evolutionary advantage,” says Walter von Lucado. This has to do with the fact that early humans still had a lot of hair all over their bodies.

arm with goosebumps


Protective goosebumps: While the sensation of goosebumps is uncomfortable, it has provided an evolutionary advantage.

IMAGO / imagebroker

If a saber-toothed tiger or other dangerous animal suddenly appeared in front of the cave, the caveman would get goose bumps and his hair would stand up. It made him look bigger and more threatening. At best, the dangerous animal can be driven away. Today we rarely encounter dangerous animals on our doorstep – but we still get goosebumps in moments of fear.

On top of that, we release a lot of adrenaline and other hormones when we feel afraid. As soon as the dangerous situation is overcome, a great sense of well-being begins. That’s why we like to read a thriller in our safe bed in the evening, and that’s why series like “The Walking Dead” can be so addictive.

By believing in spirits, we overcome fear

Humans have always existed, spirits and ghosts have played a role in our lives. Behind this, Lucado says, is the age-old need to find explanations and reasons for events that are not easy to explain. For example, when lightning struck the ancient Romans, they believed that the god Jupiter was having a bad day.

“If the house is haunted today, we think it is the ghost of a dead grandmother. Knowing why gives us a sense of control,” says Walter von Lucado. “Things we cannot explain frighten us.”

Lucado says he hasn’t been afraid of paranormal phenomena for a long time. “After all, I know what’s behind it. Or at least I think I know.”

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