April 22, 2024

Super practical function: WhatsApp has introduced a new button

WhatsApp users have found a new functional button for a few days. We summarize the advantages it brings here.

WhatsApp rolled out update for Android users a few days ago. With the new version, the developers of Messenger have also introduced a new button that is displayed as soon as you receive a notification of a message.

The new button makes it easier to mute certain conversations. This saves you from having to open and mute the app using the three-dot menu.

WhatsApp Update: These innovations are also available

WhatsApp: The new mute button saves you a few taps.

Image: chip

In addition to the new mute button, WhatsApp has also introduced a status innovation.

Voice messages can now also be shared here. To do this, you must first open the Status tab. Then you hit the pen icon, hold down the microphone button and record the voice message.

As usual, the new update also brought some bug fixes and stability improvements, which WhatsApp, as always, does not describe in more detail.

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