July 15, 2024

Super Bloom: A colorful sea of ​​wildflowers in California

Super Bloom: A colorful sea of ​​wildflowers in California

A carpet of bright orange and purple flowers

Not so long ago, residents of the US state of California had to flee torrential rains, blizzards and mudslides. But these days all that seems forgotten. California is currently experiencing a super boom, the likes of which we may not have seen in a long time. Wildflowers have turned hillsides and valleys into a blaze of color so bright they can be seen from space. Satellite operator Maxar Technologies has released images from the area around Palmdale.

Superflowering is a fairly rare plant phenomenon that occurs mainly in desert regions. An unusually high percentage of wildflowers, whose seeds have long lay dormant in the ground, germinate and flower at about the same time. The conditions required for this are very special. In the fall there should be heavy rains that activate the seeds. However, in the spring it should not rain heavily so that the seeds are not washed away. It should be dry just before flowering, but not too hot. Once the plants have germinated, they must not be broken too much, so as not to uproot the young shoots. Arbitrage.

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