Sundream Festival: “He Dances Like a Robot” – Elon Musk rocks the dance floor in Mexico

Sundream Festival

“Dance Like a Robot” – Elon Musk rocks the dance floor in Mexico

Over the weekend, the tech billionaire danced to Rüfüs du Sol in Mexico. In addition to some criticism, he is celebrated on social media for his visit.


Elon Musk dances wildly to the tunes of the Rüfüs du Sol music festival.


  • Elon Musk celebrated at Sundream Festival in Mexico over the weekend.

  • Videos of the tech billionaire dancing have spread like wildfire on social media.

  • Musk is admired in the comments, but he also has to face a lot of criticism.

Anyone who says successful people only ever work is now being contradicted Elon Musk Disenfranchised: As the videos show, the tech billionaire dedicates himself to visiting the Sundream Festival in Mexico. Videos of the dancing entrepreneur are going viral on social media.

“he’s a legend”

On Tiktok it will be him Visit the festival Celebrate: “He’s enjoying his life,” one user comments. “I would also dance for joy if I were a billionaire,” says another. “He’s living my dream,” user Daphne wrote under the video. “It’s just a legend,” comments Sebastian.

But Musk also has to face a lot of criticism: “He dances like one Robotas others say on the social media platform. “And now someone else is wondering why their kids don’t like them,” said a bitter comment from one user.

Is Musk celebrating his retirement as president on Twitter?

The commentary column is also rumored about the occasion that drew Musk to the festival. Did he just want to party like a normal person? Does he like music or does he want it Twitter CEO resigns celebrate? The Tesla boss announced on Twitter last week that Linda Yaccarino will lead the company as its new CEO.

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Bill Gates’ dancing style has also caused a stir in the past. In 1995 he danced on stage at the launch of Windows 95. At the time, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was visibly uncomfortable. The only question now is who was better. Elon Musk or Bill Gates?

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