June 16, 2024

Stylish Tommy Hilfiger in three colors

Stylish Tommy Hilfiger in three colors

et is the most common color combination of flags, worn by the USA, Great Britain, France, Norway and many others according to their national colors: blue, white and red. It looks good almost automatically. This combination has something new, elegant and classic and it is no coincidence that it also reminds us of navigation. This is also the concept of Tommy Hilfiger, who not only uses the colors of his American homeland in his trademark flag-and-ring ring from his initials, but also in his style.

This should be reflected in the sales room, which is what happens in the newly designed flagship store – a name that could hardly be more appropriate – on Frankfurt’s Borsenstrasse. The interior of the 4,500 square meter shop looks very fresh with bright but not garish colors of blue and red, combined with white wood and light wood.

The store with the entrance to Freßgass is simple in design and equipped with LED lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows reveal oak floorboards and custom-made rugs on the outside. Beneath the red-painted stairs to the men’s section on the first floor is the check-out yard, also a counter in the back, where customers can get a complimentary espresso or cappuccino.

For your entertainment, the latest brand campaigns are displayed on the video screen. This is how you should immerse yourself in the world of branding, says the spokesperson. And with coffee, customers can also use the mobile payment function for “quick checkout”.

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