May 22, 2024

Sturgeon’s successor vote has been closed.

FILE – SNP leadership candidates Hamza Yusuf (L to R), Ash Regan and Kate Forbes smile before the SNP leadership debate at the University of Strathclyde. Photo: Gene Barlow/PA Wire/dpa

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In Scotland, the in-party vote on the successor to longtime Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has ended. This should immediately determine who will rule the northern part of Britain in the future. The staff is considered a pioneer in the struggle for Scotland’s quest for independence.

Until 12:00 SST (13.00 CEST) on Monday, members of the ruling SNP had the opportunity to choose between Health Minister Hamza Yusuf (37), Finance Minister Kate Forbes (32) and former minister Ash Reagan (49).

All three want to advance the SNP’s stated goal of taking Scotland out of the United Kingdom and back into the European Union as an independent country. The result of the vote, which is also considered a dispute over direction in the party, will be announced in Edinburgh from 3pm CEST.

The favored candidates, Forbes and Youssef, represent two different camps in the party. While Youssef tends to follow Sturgeon’s line with a progressive agenda, Forbes has more conservative views. It is, among other things, a staunch member of the Free Calvinist Church of Scotland (Free Church of Scotland). If she wins the race, the Greens may want to end their collaboration with the SNP in government. The Greens announced that they did not want to continue cooperating at any cost.

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In mid-February, Sturgeon surprisingly announced her resignation as First Minister and SNP Leader. The 52-year-old was the first woman to hold the highest government post in the far north of Britain and is considered a driving force behind independence from the UK.