Strikes in the UK: Train services affected

The streets are always crowded on “Boxing Day”, which in English is called “Boxing Day”. On the other hand, train traffic has almost completely stopped.

Strikes in rail transport and border guards He caused great havoc in Great Britain. The RMT transport union had called a strike over the Christmas holidays. Inflation-adjusted wages and better working conditions are required. As many commuters switched to cars due to the strike, there were many traffic jams on the highways. Overall, the AA Motoring Association predicted that there would be 15 million cars on England’s roads on Boxing Day About mentioned.

Mainly affected: train traffic

December 26th is traditionally a very busy day. Unlike Switzerland, shops are open and games in England’s top football league, the Premier League, are also held here. This, combined with the increase in return traffic after visiting family and friends at Christmas, usually means that the trains are fully used. As a result, the railway strike affected not only many commuters, but also the railway operators, who lost the opportunity for a lucrative Christmas business.

London Heathrow Airport
The London Heathrow Express to LHR was also not running

Air traffic was also affected to some extent. As many travelers take the train to the airport, some departures are also delayed due to the busy roads. Yesterday, two flights from London were canceled, one to Zurich and the other to Singapore, while the link to the chaos in train traffic seems questionable.

Since the border guards on the island also began to strike, the British army was deployed to check passports. While the Border Patrol strike will continue until the end of the year, trains in Great Britain have been running regularly again since the morning of 27 December.

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Abstract on the train strike in Great Britain

There are frequent strikes in the public transport sector in Great Britain. This time, the train passengers were affected, who basically had to change to the bus or their own car. I hope that the collective bargaining conflict will be quickly resolved so that there are no more strikes in favor of the travelers. How the situation will develop will become clear next year.


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