July 16, 2024

Strikes in Great Britain almost brought rail traffic to a standstill

Strikes in Great Britain almost brought rail traffic to a standstill

The streets are always busy on Boxing Day, which the British call Boxing Day. Rail traffic on the other hand came to an almost complete standstill.

Rail traffic and strikes Border Guard caused great confusion in Great Britain. Transport union RMT had called a strike ahead of the Christmas break. Wages adjusted to inflation and better working conditions were demanded. The strike led to traffic jams on the highways as many commuters shifted to cars. In total, the AA Motoring Association expected 15 million cars to hit the streets of England on Boxing Day. around reported.

Mainly affected: Rail transport

December 26 is traditionally a very busy day. Unlike in Germany, shops are open and games of the highest English football league, the Premier League, are also held here. This, combined with increased return travel after Christmas visits for family and friends, means trains are usually fully utilised. Thus, the rail strike not only affects many passengers, but the train operators also lose their lucrative Christmas business.

London Heathrow LHR Terminal 2
The London Heathrow Express also does not run from LHR Airport

Air traffic was also affected to a lesser extent. As many passengers take the train to the airport, some departures are delayed due to congested roads. Two flights from London to Suri and one to Singapore were canceled yesterday, raising questions about the disruption in rail transport.

As border guards on the island also went on strike, the British Army was sent in to check passports. While the border guards’ strike will last until the end of the year, trains have resumed running in Great Britain since the morning of December 27.

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Rail strike ends in Great Britain

There are frequent public transport strikes in Great Britain. During this time, train passengers were affected and they mainly had to switch to buses or their own cars. I hope that there will be a speedy resolution to the collective bargaining conflict so that in the interest of passengers, there will be no more strikes. How the situation will evolve will be known in the coming year.

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