June 23, 2024

Strikes in Britain |  news

Strikes in Britain | news

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In addition to local public transport strikes in the British capital, dock workers in Great Britain also now want to cut work.

The container port is on strike

A multi-day strike by dockers at Britain’s biggest container port threatens to further strain British supply chains. “Nearly half of British container traffic passes through the port of Felixstowe and 65 percent of incoming containers,” said Rebecca Harding, a British trade expert at the German Press Agency. An eight-day strike planned from Sunday means around £800 million (about €950 million) worth of imports and exports are at risk – with the clothing and electronics industries particularly affected. 1,900 workers at the port of Felixstowe in the English East want to walk off the job.

The United union called the strike after a deal with employer Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company failed. A seven per cent pay rise offer is not good enough for the union considering skyrocketing consumer prices. Inflation in the UK rose above 10 per cent in July. Unite declared that the initial strike would “send huge shock waves through UK supply chains”. In Liverpool, where dock workers want to walk off their jobs soon, port union British Ports Association, on the other hand, does not yet foresee any long-term effects on British supply chains. (dpa-AFX)

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