Strengthening the unity of the kingdom: William and Kate are drawn to Scotland

Strengthening the unity of the kingdom
William and Kate are attracted to Scotland

Is there a move to Kensington Palace soon? According to media reports, advisers to the British royal family have advised Prince William and Kate to move to a Scottish castle. There may be a clear political motive behind this.

According to a report, Prince William and his wife Kate could spend significantly more time in Scotland in the future. Consultants have recommended the couple move to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle – formerly the royal family’s holiday home – according to a source close to the royal family in The Times. They want them to appear as residents, not visitors.

39-year-old William and Kate, also 39, visited their old university in St Andrews, Scotland and several other places in Scotland on a multi-day trip. Until now, Kensington Palace was her main residence – but during the pandemic, the family of five also spent a lot of time in a country house in Norfolk, eastern England.

The background to the plans could be a strong desire for many Scots for independence from the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants her citizens to vote on her in a new referendum after the pandemic. Brexit has given the independence movement a major tailwind in recent years. Sturgeon wants Scotland to be returned to the European Union as an independent country in the event of a split.

According to the report, the royal family wants to use its role to strengthen the kingdom’s unity. Prince William is considered famous in Scotland. At first there was no official confirmation of the plans from Buckingham Palace.

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