July 15, 2024

Strange speech – Prime Minister Johnson compares himself to Moses and quotes Lenin

Strange speech – Prime Minister Johnson compares himself to Moses and quotes Lenin

What’s wrong with Boris Johnson (57)? At the annual conference of the CBI Industrial Society, the British Prime Minister compared himself to Moses, citing Lenin, imitating engine noise and sometimes losing the entire thread. Listeners described his speech as “catastrophic” and “strange”.

Johnson said his ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution is similar to the Ten Commandments that Moses brought with him from Mount Sinai. Quote from former Soviet dictator Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924): “Lenin once said that the communist revolution is Soviet power as well as the electrification of the entire country. The next industrial revolution is green electrification as well as the electrification of the whole country.”

Announcing a cartoon character

Johnson, who was working as a journalist, also promoted electric drives. “As a former motoring reporter, I can tell you that electric cars may not be as annoying as a quiet bathroom and may not have the ‘roar, roar, raa raa’ that you love, but they have so much torque that they start faster than a Ferrari at traffic lights.” .

He also shook his head at Johnson’s hymn to the Peppa Pig World theme park near Southampton, which is based on the Peppa Pig cartoon character that the Prime Minister visited with his family the day before. He invited the public to visit the park because the pig, which resembles Picasso’s hair dryer, demonstrates the strength of British creativity. There are also safe roads, school system, and a good local transportation system.

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missing thread

And in between, Johnson completely lost the thread. So he spent about 20 seconds browsing its pages and repeatedly “forgive me” to find the right text.

After his speech, a journalist asked Johnson if he was okay. The Prime Minister defended his speech: “I think people understood most of the points I wanted to make and I think they were well received.” (GF)