June 14, 2024

STR808 Squad lets you meet local and international artists

STR808 Squad lets you meet local and international artists

STR808 Squad doesn’t just include aspiring Swiss rappers like Cinnay and Z the Freshman on their producer albumAnd But it can also win artists from abroad for the project.

You know them, producer albums, a show of quiet geniuses who tend to be in the background and in their studios. This is how the producers come together Internet money Well-known companions of the past year like futureAnd Lil Tikka or incorrect To break into the charts as prominent artists. Metro Boomin gathered the entire American elite “Not all heroes wear heads.” And it cracked the mark of 100 million streams several times under its name. Or the Swiss End zoneWhich, with the help of the sound of the new Berlin wave, is everywhere Yin Kali And their partners bring together hundreds of thousands of listeners every month.


So the producers’ albums are nothing new. But what does that do STR808 SquadUnique project? The album brings worlds together that rarely come together. The Baden-based Young Producer Group brings together 14 different artists on 12 tracks. These 14 artists come from 4 different countries, USA, Canada, South Africa and Switzerland. At the same time, four languages ​​are represented: German, English, French and Italian. Not only does it look sexy, but it is, too.

So, stand up Cinnay & Z the Freshman With their raw trap bang “Smoke of the hymn” In the playlist right after the Italian-speaking artist Mine. During this after the young Friborg 777Christos It’s put on little-known (still) American rappers No water And Danny Fields Continued. What may now read in a slightly chaotic manner is far from being. Because the sound picture is uniform thanks to the precision of the STR808 SQUAD. Cloudy, simple and catchy melodies float on a perforated 808 rug giving each lane its own drive – be it a dreamy racy Sherry-oo– Track or pop a rough trap from an American rapper.

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