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The promise of climate neutral products or full carbon dioxide2– Compensation is always an air figure, ”says Jürgen Reisch, Federal Director of German Environmental Assistance (DUH). Assuming that there are newly developed shampoos from three different companies in a drugstore, Reisch explains: One company invests in sustainable regional ingredients, which means that The product costs 50 cents more, and the second one is in biodegradable packaging, which costs maybe 30 cents more. The third company doesn’t change anything about the product, but they put one cent per bottle on the certification. And then they can advertise with the “climate neutral” label.

“A company that has invested next to nothing but advertises climate neutrality will likely find the most buyers for its product,” says Resch. CO2Promises of compensation led in the wrong direction. Instead of a real competition between products for greater sustainability, there is only a competition for the most beautiful logo.

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In my opinion, the CO2“Compensation cannot be fixed,” says Jutta Kell, a biologist and author who researches the role of voluntary certification systems. Also from CO2-Compensation for private use does not burden her. “If I have to fly, I don’t use one of the many COs to make up for the trip2-calculator. I’d rather walk around my neighborhood and talk to people about climate change. Or I donate to the Nature Conservancy, so the money arrives without middlemen,” says Keel.

Like DUH, it generally believes it’s a good thing when companies support sustainability and nature conservation. Such a commitment is important! Companies should not tie it to their carbon emissions and try to take responsibility for their emissions in this way,” says Keel.

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