April 25, 2024

Steve Cohen replies to the "abolishing culture" tweet after Jared Porter has been fired

Steve Cohen replies to the “abolishing culture” tweet after Jared Porter has been fired

Mets owner Steve Cohen didn’t stop at his Twitter statement Announcing the dismissal of GM Jared Porter For reports Sending a stream of inappropriate text to a reporter In 2016.

Cohen spoke in detail on the social media platform on Tuesday when a user asked him: “The cave to de-culture is abhorrent. [Porter’s] Life has been destroyed, so what is his way to salvation, Mr. Cohen? “

“I have no idea. I have an organization of 400 employees that cares more than anyone,” Cohen said Answered. “no job [have] Set a bad example of the culture I’m trying to build. “

Earlier Tuesday, Cohen announced the shooting on Twitter: “We finished Jared Porter this morning. I spoke at the first press conference about the importance of integrity and I mean it. This kind of behavior should be zero tolerated.”

Cohen dealt with it His “me too” claims In his Point72 Asset Management company before being approved as the new owner of Mets in October. Several former Connecticut hedge fund employees filed complaints about discrimination and misogyny last year with the state Human Rights and Opportunity Commission. The allegations have alarmed some MLB owners in agreeing to Cohen’s purchase of the $ 2.4 billion franchise, The Post reported in August.

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