July 15, 2024

Stephanie Geisinger, former GNTM winner, experienced a horror journey

Stephanie Geisinger, former GNTM winner, experienced a horror journey

There is currently chaos at airports in Germany. Stephanie Geisinger felt that, too. Photo: Pascal Le Segretan/Getty Images

If you want to travel by plane this summer, you need strong nerves: Flight cancellations or delays are not isolated cases, but at present they are believed to be the norm. This situation is the result of the epidemic. With air traffic coming to a near complete standstill due to restrictions, there is now a staff shortage as many employees have quit, changed industries or been laid off.

Celebrities like former “German Next Supermodel” winner Stephanie Geisinger have also felt the chaos of flying. She has now lived a 19 hour horror journey – but unfortunately without a happy ending.

Stephanie Geisinger: A flight from Berlin to Madrid and back

In fact, the intent of the influencer To travel to Morocco with her friend Lenny. But the duo should never get there. Stephanie mentioned in her Instagram story about her long journey living with 4.6 million followers.

First, the two women are stranded at Madrid airport. They were actually supposed to travel from Berlin to Morocco via Spain, However, the two lost their second flight because their first flight was delayed. Stephanie and her companion were in a good mood in the Spanish capital. With a smile on their faces, they prayed the “Lord’s Prayer” with an urgent request to continue their journey after all.

Soon, however, the mood changed and Stephanie summed up for her community what she had to experience during her trip:

“Until 3:40 AM the first flight was delayed, the second was missed, the bag was gone, there were no more flights to Morocco, no more flights to Berlin, disoriented, stranded in Madrid.”

Stephanie Geisinger talks about her terrifying journey in her Instagram story.

Stephanie Geisinger talks about her terrifying journey in her Instagram story.screenshot instagram.com/steafniegiesinger

The model added a sarcastic comment to her roster: “Beautiful life, we have a wonderful life!” The two girls got through the long wait in Madrid with food and boredom at the airport. Finally they got a flight, but not to Morocco, but back to Berlin. Back in Germany, Stephanie let her frustration spread on the internet. The trip summed up: “I spent 19 hours on the road – for no reason.”

Despite the anger, the 25-year-old maintained her sense of humor. On her Instagram story, she was amused by the fact that An Instagram member named Jesus on the social media platform saw her prayer at the airport. But even the self-proclaimed “Jesus” couldn’t stop Stephanie and her friend Lenny’s journey from falling apart.