Steam Replay 2022 gives you a personal year for games in review

Numerous game stats

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After Nintendo and Sony, Steam now offers an annual review with personal game stats for the first time. Steam Replay shows, among other things, how many games you’ve played in 2022 and your favorite genres.

Valve’s Steam game marketplace now offers Steam Replay, a function to create an individual review with game stats for the year. This is already known from other services, such as Spotify, but there are also annual reviews in the gaming sector. Sony calls this Playstation summary And the Nintendo It also offers something like this for the Switch console.

on Steam, based on Data was collected between January 1 and December 14, 2022 Create a personal review. Data and play times from other game players, such as the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect, are of course not included. Steam Replay also does not include time spent offline. History may include data about VR games and gaming sessions on the Steam Deck.

For Steam Replay, just sign in with your Steam account. Steam’s start page currently takes you directly to the year in review, alternatively you can access it via Replay site a call.

At the top you can see some highlights and then some comparisons with the rest of the Steam community. The spider outline illustrates the genre preferences that become favorite games Even monthly charts based on seasons created. In addition, the most played game for each month is listed. You can share your Steam Annual Review via a link and keep it private too, making it available to friends only or making it public.


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