STARLUX and Alaska Airlines partnership begins

After the first flight to the United States, the now young airline STARLUX also began its partnership with Alaska Airlines and its own frequent flyer program. But you still have to wait for some advantages.

Alaska PostalPlan, Alaska Airlines’ frequent flyer program, is one of the most exciting mileage redemption programs, especially for “exotic” airlines. Even if there are adjustments here after joining the oneworld airline alliance, the frequent flyer program still has one or the other of its exciting redemptions. Thanks to a recent partnership with STARLUX Airlines, the US regional airline’s frequent flyer program has gained another exciting airline, such as loyalty lobby Among other things mentioned.

First trip to the United States

Alaska milesPlan still has a surprise or two in store, and therefore attractive refunds, too. We recently found out Bonus Cruises with Condor via Alaskan Mileage Plane They are bookable, with very attractive mileage values ​​plus low taxes and fees. While redeeming miles via Alaska milesPlan for Condor flights is now possible, members of the frequent flyer program with the newest partner airline, STARLUX, will still have to be patient. But one after another.

The airline from Taiwan only started in 2021, and therefore at the worst possible time. However, the airline wants to capitalize on its ability to start from scratch and thus establish itself internationally as a premium airline. The first big step was made a few days ago when the airline took off for the first time across the Pacific Ocean to the USA. The CEO himself flew the Airbus A350 to Los Angeles. Just one of many future international connections across the Pacific. It remains currently questionable whether the airline will also find its way to Europe.

Redeeming miles only in the summer?

At the same time, the partnership between STARLUX and Alaska Airlines, or Alaska milesPlan, begins. According to the current situation, frequent flyer program members can already collect miles on flights with STARLUX. However, the flight number must be taken into account, as currently members cannot earn miles on every STARLUX flight. The miles are then added up using this graph:

While earning miles does work, Alaska milesPlan members will have to wait to redeem miles. Both airlines have announced that this is still possible in the summer of 2023. However, the Condor example shows that this option could be delayed even longer. Once miles can be redeemed for STARLUX flights, award flights between Taipei and Los Angeles will cost 20,000 miles in Economy Class, 40,000 miles in Premium Economy or 60,000 miles in Business Class. However, this is supposed to be a limited introductory offer.

Thanks to a partnership with Alaska Airlines, STARLUX passengers also have access to the network, which consists of 100 destinations. In reverse, members and passengers can also book connecting flights to 16 destinations in Asia, although the STARLUX network is expected to continue to grow in the coming months and years.

All information about Alaska Melaiplan

Alaska Mileage Plan is the frequent flyer program of Alaska Airlines, a member of the oneworld alliance. The airline is based in Seattle and primarily serves the US Pacific Coast. Thanks to membership in the airline alliance, members of the frequent flyer program can choose from a wide range of airlines for connecting flights, but also to redeem and earn miles. American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Qatar Airways are among the alliance’s most important strategic partner airlines. In addition, Alaska Airlines continues to maintain partnerships with other airlines that are not part of the alliance. Members can also collect and redeem miles on or against Condor flights.

Summary of the new partnership

Alaska Mileage Plan and Starlux Airlines begin their new partnership. At first, frequent flyer program members can already collect miles on select flights with STARLUX. However, the redemption of miles will be delayed, but according to statements by the two airlines, this should still be the case in the summer of 2023. Once this happens, members of the frequent flyer program can start booking cheap flights. Then a business class flight between Taipei and Los Angeles would cost only 60,000 miles – a very tempting offer, especially to test the new airline.

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