December 8, 2023

Starfield destroys the main myth surrounding Xbox Game Pass

from Philip Sattler
Starfield is a complete success for Bethesda and Microsoft. Sales figures dominate the charts, despite millions of players getting Starfield for free thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

Like Netflix and Prime Video for movies and series, Xbox Games Pass is for video games. Millions of customers around the world pay for their subscription every month and get access to hundreds of different games for Xbox and/or PC. For years, Microsoft has pushed Game Pass and made it socially acceptable with extremely cheap offers. According to its own data, the service has now been in the black for a long time.

And this is despite the fact that older games have been available on Game Pass for a long time. Breakout hits or new blockbuster titles remained the exception. The developers were very afraid that early availability in Games Pass would have a negative impact on sales numbers.

With Starfield (Buy now €69.99 ) Bethesda has now released the ultimate triple-A title directly for release on Xbox Game Pass. Surprisingly, this probably didn’t have much impact on sales numbers. Although Microsoft has assumed so in an official report in the past.