Star Wars Jedi Survivor stutter? Finally, the spots move forward

from Thilo Bayer
The Star Wars Jedi Survivor aftercare finally continues. This week, PC gamers are expecting the first major patch.

In addition to announcing a new patch for Star Wars Jedi Survivor this week, EA and Respawn also outlined future improvements.

First major patch later this week

As in the Twitter account can be readThere is a “Patch 4” for the PC version of Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Minor, more unspecified improvements include fixed crashes, animation and collision bugs, various progression barriers, and bugs related to streaming, saving, and audio.

The extra work, which will continue according to EA, is interesting – but it’s likely only next week. Known issues that should be fixed in future patches include performance improvements on newer i7 and i9 processors that have efficiency cores, as well as general performance improvements to improve CPU and GPU utilization while reducing idle times, both with and without ray tracing. Some hiccups should also be eliminated. A raytracing data stream, some assets, and a “gap” in ready-made parachutes are cited as the reason.

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