December 3, 2023

Star Chef Gordon Ramsay: This is how his mother reacts to his food

Star Chef Gordon Ramsay: This is how his mother reacts to his food

British star chef Gordon Ramsay, 55, is known and feared above all about choleric tantrums in the kitchen. On many TV cooking shows, such as “Hells Kitchen”, candidates are regularly pushed to despair of their cooking performance with barbs. But the apple doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree. An Instagram video with his mother shows that cruel honesty runs in the family.

Gordon Ramsay: Mom Helen Cosgrove reacts so funny to his cooking skills

To celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK on March 27, Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay posted a video showing his mother, Helen Cosgrove, 76, a sample of his concoction. She dips her finger in the bowl and tastes it. With a terrified expression on her face, she said, “Oh my God, I don’t like it!” Then the star chef laughs.

And their Instagram community should also smile about this honest reaction. The video is shot through the ceiling with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes.

The network celebrates Gordon Ramsay’s mother for her honesty

Instagram users are celebrating mum Helen Cosgrove for letting the ruthless Gordon Ramsay shed fat himself. Below the video, you can read comments such as: “lol, moms are so honest with you”, or “maybe the only person who can stay away from criticizing Gordon Ramsay’s food” or “you can be the best chef in the world, but you become your mom and you never cook better.” who are they “.

Others, on the other hand, are inferring from the video where close friends of David (46) and Victoria Beckham (47) likely got his direct way from him. One of the comments says: “Hahaha, now I understand everything,” and another: “Like mother, like son?”

The Scottish native appears to have already forgiven his mother for her harsh criticism. He captioned the post, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom! You may not like my layers but I love you.”

Jordan Ramsay’s daughter Tilly loves to tease him on TikTok

By the way, mother Helen Cosgrove is not the only one in the family who does not talk about TV chef Gordon Ramsay. Daughter Tili (20), who is the second youngest of his five children with wife Tana Ramsay (47), loves to talk about her famous father on video platform TikTok. For example, she posted a video joking that she loves her mother’s food more than his.

On Tilly’s channel, which has more than ten million subscribers, there are also many videos in which the loving relationship between the two is demonstrated. So the family’s little taunts should definitely be looked at with a wink.