June 22, 2024

Standard non-removable search engines in Chromium browsers – Microsoft Edge also affected › Dr. windows

Anyone who has tried to delete the default search provider stored in Microsoft Edge in the past few days has noticed that this is no longer possible. However, Microsoft is not responsible for this, this fundamental change has been made to the Chromium infrastructure and therefore affects all browsers based on it, such as Microsoft Edge and of course Google Chrome.

Five entries are included by default: Bing, Yahoo, Google, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia. In Microsoft Edge, Bing is stored as default, in Chrome it is Google.

The default search engines in Microsoft Edge

Users can add other search providers as they like and also freely choose the default search provider. However, in the past, it was also possible to delete the five preset entries if you were absolutely sure you didn’t want to use them. This has not been possible since Chromium version 97, but due to criticism from users already, this move can already be reversed with version 98.

I Chrome version 1263679 (via Newwen) was first documented as a problem that default entries cannot be easily rebuilt if they are accidentally deleted, and thus should be difficult to remove. So it was decided to delete the menu item “Delete”.

But because this change already harassment Concerned, the responsible developer now wants to think of a new solution. Probably the simplest “restore default settings” button. In the meantime, at least with Chromium 98 and all browsers built on it, the possibility of deletion should be reactivated.