May 23, 2024

Kingdom Hearts: Cloud-Versionen

Square Enix releases first-day patch for cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts games for the Nintendo Switch

the Kingdom HeartsThe titles are among the most popular role-playing games of all time. The mix of characters from Square Enix with Disney movie heroes gives the titles their own charm, which culminates in Kingdom Hearts III. However, for a long time, the main parts were available only for systems in the PlayStation family. Soon after the Nintendo Direct, games are now too Nintendo Switch Published, but only as Cloud versionwhich requires a permanent Internet connection.

Now that was First update of the titles published, which you must download. It is not known exactly what has been fixed, but several customers have complained about poor gaming performance via social media. Some tracks did not start at all. The next few days will show if updating the starter software fixed the problems. You can also download trial versions of the Nintendo eShop to check if your internet connection is good enough to try out titles in reasonably acceptable quality.

What is your first impression of the cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts games?

Reference: Nintendo Live

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