December 7, 2023

Sports news overview: This is how World Cup qualifiers are - national teams

Sports news overview: This is how World Cup qualifiers are – national teams

Neymar (right), Lucas Paqueta and Brazil want to buy a World Cup ticket in the next few days. © AFP / NELSON ALMEIDA

Dozens of qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup will be played around the world over the next six days. SportNews gives an overview of who qualifies, who has good chances, who is tight, and how qualification mode actually works.

So far, only 3 teams have a fixed starting place in the World Cup Finals, which will be held in Qatar in November/December 2022. Denmark, Germany and host countries Qatar. On November 16, some other teams will have this coveted World Cup card in hand. In this article, we want to provide an overview of the World Cup qualifiers.

As usual in many World Cups, 32 teams will participate in the finals. Here is the distribution of 32 places to start for the World Cup finals:

World Cup tickets distribution

  • 1 starting place for hosts Qatar (for the first time in a World Cup finals)
  • 13 starting positions for teams from Europe
  • 5 starting positions for teams from Africa
  • 4 to 5 starting positions for teams from Asia including Australia
  • From 4 to 5 starting positions for South American teams
  • 3 to 4 starting positions for teams from North and Central America
  • 0 to 1 starting place for Oceania teams (excluding Australia)
  • 2 places are awarded initially on intercontinental duelists between one team from the last 4 confederations. Out of 4 to play against them by lot.

Here is a look at the qualification situation and provisional balance from all continents.


Most of the World Cup tickets will be awarded here in the next six days, because the group stage ends with two days of matches. to the total 13 starting points for Europe A total of 55 countries in the race, in a total of 10 groups. The ten winners in the group advance directly to the final round. 2 teams have already won the group (and thus participate in the World Cup), namely Denmark in Group F (with an impressive return of 8 wins in 8 matches and a goal difference of 27:0) and Germany In group J.

Leon Goretzka is already qualified with Serge Gnabry and Germany. © AFP / CHRISTOF STACHE

The remaining three places will be awarded at the end of March 2022 in the play-offs between the 10 runners-up and the top 2 Nations League winners who did not finish first or second in their group. These 12 teams are divided into 3 tracks that play two rounds (semi-finals and finals) in one match each, and the three winners qualify for the World Cup Finals.

Who still has a chance in which combination?

  • In Group A, Serbia and Portugal qualified at least for the play-off. A World Cup ticket will likely be awarded for the live match on Sunday in Lisbon.
  • In Group B, Sweden qualified at least for the playoffs, while Spain could still qualify directly, while Greece could qualify for the playoffs at most.
  • In Group C, Italy and Switzerland at least qualified for the play-off. The direct duel in Rome on Friday will be decisive.
  • In Group D, France, Ukraine, Finland and Bosnia and Herzegovina can still qualify directly.
  • In Group E, Belgium at least qualified for the play-off – by a large margin, Wales could theoretically qualify directly and the Czech Republic could still make it to the playoffs.
  • In Group F, Denmark qualified strongly for the final round, while Scotland, Israel and Austria (only by winning the Nations League group) could still qualify for the play-off.
  • In Group G, the Netherlands, Norway and Turkey can qualify directly, while Montenegro still has a chance to go into the playoffs.
  • In Group H, Russia and Croatia at least qualified for the play-off. A World Cup ticket will likely be awarded for the live match on Sunday in Split.
  • In Group A, England, Albania and Poland can still qualify directly, while Hungary still have a chance to go into the playoffs.
  • In Group X, Germany qualified strongly for the finals, while Romania, North Macedonia, Armenia and Iceland can still qualify for the play-offs.


to me 5 starting places for Africa A total of 54 countries entered the race. 40 of them qualified for the second round in 10 groups of four. The 10 group winners – two of them Senegal And Morocco – November 16 will be confirmed and qualify for the five decisive duels with the return leg in March 2022. The five winners qualify for the World Cup.

With two games, it looks like this

  • In Group A, Algeria and Burkina Faso are vying for the group’s victory.
  • In Group B, Tunisia has the best cards to climb to the decisive role, but Equatorial Guinea can still get past them. Zambia’s chances are theoretical only.
  • Nigeria is the best in Group C, but Cape Verde can still pass it. The chances of the Central African Republic are slim now.
  • In Group D, Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon are vying for the group’s victory.
  • In Group E, there is a duel between Mali and Uganda to advance to the decisive role.
  • In Group F, Egypt clearly has the best chances, but it could theoretically be intercepted by Libya and Gabon.
  • In Group G, South Africa and Ghana are vying to win the group.
  • In Group H, Senegal is already the winner of the group and therefore a participant in the decisive third round.
  • Similarly, in the first group, the winner of the group will definitely be called Morocco and will advance to the next round.
  • On the other hand, in Group X, the situation is completely open: Tanzania and Benin do a little better than the Congo, but Madagascar can still turn everything upside down.


A total of 46 countries are competing to compete 4 or 5 starting places for Asia Started (including the team from Australia). There are now 12 teams remaining, battling in two groups of six for two fixed places in the final round. Then two-thirds of the group exchange a match for one of the four places in the intercontinental qualifiers.

There will be no World Cup participants from Asia next week, as 4 of the 10 rounds are still pending after the day of the double match.

This is how it looks

  • In Group 1, Iran is currently in the lead. The other five teams are South Korea, Lebanon, UAE, Iraq and Syria.
  • In Group 2, after 4 out of 10 matches, Saudi Arabia leads with a full points count. It is followed by Australia, Oman, Japan, China and Vietnam.

South America

Brazil And maybe too Argentina You could get your World Cup ticket prematurely in the next few days. to me 4 or 5 starting places for South America 10 countries fight. 4 fixed places; Fifth place in the World Cup Finals can be added to the Intercontinental Playoff. As usual in South America, the playoffs will take place in a league system with all 10 home teams.

Lionel Messi, the star of Argentina. © AFP / Juan Mabromata

Ahead of the upcoming double match day, both major teams, Brazil and Argentina, were unbeaten by a wide margin on their way to claiming the World Cup ticket. Fight for other places in the World Cup Ecuador, Colombian, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivian, Paraguay And PeruWhich is rated within 6 points. Just Venezuela Maybe he just has more theoretical chances.

North and Central America

A total of 35 countries entered the race to get 3 or 4 staging grounds for North and Central America including the Caribbean. There are now 8 remaining teams playing back and forth against each other in the league system. The top three qualify directly for the World Cup finals. The fourth-place finisher competes in the intercontinental qualifiers.

The three fixed places currently have the most opportunities Mexico, The United States of America And Canada. lurking behind her Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica And savior. Only those who don’t win Honduras Maybe he’s already out of the race.


Precise qualification status of 11 countries around One possible launch site for Oceania (Without Australia who have been fighting for the World Cup qualifiers with Asian teams for quite some time) It has not yet been fixed. The qualification tournament will likely take place in January 2022, which will determine the Oceanic participants in the Intercontinental Playoff. 11 countries to fight for New Zealand, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa And Vanuatu. Only from these countries New Zealand World Cup experience (1982 and 2010).

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