March 3, 2024

Sports news: France after falling 0-2 in the Nations League final

Sports news: France after falling 0-2 in the Nations League final

like 2015 The Swiss quadruple won the silver medal in the team pursuit at the European Championship at home in Grinchen. Denmark is very strong in the final. Claudio Imhoff, Valer Thibaud, Simon Fitzthom and Alex Vogel Although they showed a solid performance, beating the world champion and Olympic runner-up was not enough. With a time of 3:52.646, the Swiss lost almost 1.3 seconds to the Danes, who set a record of 3:51.382.

Despite the defeat, the Swiss can be satisfied with their performance on their home soil. Switzerland claimed its fourth European Championship medal since 2015 in the Olympic discipline, which is also known as the “highest discipline” of track cycling. And in the final of the third European Championship, the Swiss won the silver medal for the third time, a year ago in Plovdiv and Bulgaria there were also bronze.

From last year’s team, Fitzthom and Imhoff were again on the team. Compared to the team, which finished eighth in the Olympics, only Thibaud competed again at the Grinchen. especially for imhof It should be second place – the eastern Swiss won it The sixth personality medal in the European Championship – Be glad, because he was knocked out of the team at the last minute for the Olympics.

After the best time in qualifying and the victory in the main round against Russia (catch-up), the Swiss team quickly started in the final. After half 4,000 meters, the Swiss were three-tenths ahead of the Danes. But unlike qualifying, the Scandinavians managed to improve again in the second half of the race.

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