April 13, 2024

Spengler Cup Group Cattini – After 11 years it must work again in Davos – Sport

Spengler Cup Group Cattini – After 11 years it must work again at Davos – Sport – SRF

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Since 2011, the Spangler Cup title awaits the host. Will you succeed this year?


Things are going well in the tournament

Will HCD also impress in the Spengler Cup?

IMAGO / Andreas Haas

It’s been exactly ten years since HC Davos reached the final of the Spengler Cup. Address last until eleven. Graubünden should have let their eternal opponent, Team Canada, pass them in the list of winners – now the “Ahorn Blatter” can call themselves record champions with 16 titles.

After a two-year break, the highlight of Davos’ season is back. You will have bad memories of the last edition of the traditional tournament. After three clear defeats, the hosts had to say an early exit from the game.

This year things have to get better again, the final is the goal, and winning the title is a big wish. In the championship, HCD (sixth) has been in good shape lately and is confidently on its way to the playoffs. In the Champions Hockey League, he has also proven that he can hold his own against the top teams.

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You can watch all Spengler Cup matches live on SRF. Afternoon games begin at 3:10 PM, and evening games begin at 8:15 PM. Ambri and Orebro opened the tournament on Monday afternoon. Then HC Davos steps in for the tournament on Tuesday night against title losers Sparta Prague against Team Canada (live from 8:10pm on SRF Zwei and on the Sports app).

There is great joy in Davos at the return of the Spengler Cup. However, for the perfect hockey festival, the host must also be convincing on the ice. Will Davos be crowned with the resumption of the traditional championship with its sixteenth title?

Second SRF, Sportflash, Dec. 23, 2022, 8:00 PM;

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