July 13, 2024

Special sunglasses for players cost 249 euros

Special sunglasses for players cost 249 euros

To prepare gamers for the upcoming summer, hardware manufacturer Razer has announced special sunglasses. Designed in collaboration with an Italian designer, the product doesn’t have smart features, and it’s not exactly cheap.


The sunglasses were Razer Super Future It is called, so that the name consists of the name of the manufacturer and the Retrosuperfuture fashion house. The model has high-tech photochromic glass. The rims and temples are made of acetate. A built-in blue light filter prevents gamers from having to fight fatigue during long sessions. Digital functions such as language assistant or buttons for controlling music are not present on the panel.

Limited edition sunglasses for €249

The corresponding model number can be seen on the right arm of each pair of glasses. If you want to buy the “For Gamers. By Gamers” sunglasses, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket. The version, which has been available since yesterday, costs 249 euros and should only be available in a limited edition. How many copies of sunglasses will be made remains open.

More products will be added to the collection in the future. So Razer would like to work with Retrosuperfuture in the long term. The project was originally launched by the D-Cave community. D-Cave wants to establish itself as a reference lifestyle platform in Web 3.0. However, it is still not clear what other products Razer would like to showcase in the future.


  • Razer and Retrosuperfuture collaborate on “Razersuperfuture” sunglasses.
  • Photochromic lens, acetate rims and temples, blue light filter.
  • €249, limited edition, more products to come.
  • Community D-Cave Project, Web 3.0 Reference Lifestyle Platform.
  • There are no smart features, no version information.
  • “For the players. By the players” slogan.

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