May 21, 2024

Soon you can enjoy Final Fantasy XIV even further as a single player • JPGAMES.DE

Do you play MMORPG alone? It sounds strange, but it is a fact and the wish of some players. Not everyone wants to play MMORPGs, but many want to enjoy Final Fantasy XIV, which is widely called one of the best modern Final Fantasy games.

Square Enix has been working for months to deliver exactly this single player experience Final Fantasy XIV to realize. The Content Assistant makes it possible to complete dungeons important for game progression alone, pre-designed for 4 players. Then you get NPCs on your side.

Patch 6.3 “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble” will be released on January 10, 2023, to push the content assistant further into the game. Specifically, the remaining dungeons from the Heavensward main scenario (Grand Gubal Library, Alchemy Alchemy Research Laboratory, Counter Tower, Sohr Khai, Xelphatol, and Baelsar Wall) will be modified.

The new trailer introduces you to the other content of Patch 6.3.

New trailer:


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Artwork: Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix

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