May 23, 2024

Sony wasn't alone in the acquisition

Sony wasn’t alone in the acquisition

Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired Finnish development studio Housemarque. Co-founder and CEO Ilari Kuittinen announced in a Finnish interview that other big players have also shown interest.

Last Tuesday, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced its acquisition of “Returnal” developer Housemarque. The studio director has now revealed that the Japanese software company wasn’t only interested in the acquisition.

‘The usual suspects’

Ilari Kuittinen was asked in an interview which companies had expressed interest. Answer: The usual suspects. These are the big players on the field from China, Sweden and the United States. I have to say that a very special spring is behind us and the fact that we participated in the competition seems a bit fanciful.”

In the United States, of course, there are many publishers who would have liked to acquire the Finnish development studio. It can only be guessed whether Microsoft is interested in buying or not. From Sweden, only the Embracer range is in question, which is in the mood to buy and is already one of the largest European manufacturers of toys. It could be the Chinese company Tencent.

In the end, those responsible for the Housemarque decided on Sony. Due to the successful collaboration on the Roguelike shooter “Returnal”, PlayStation was in the best position for a successful acquisition. For this reason, the announced studio purchase came as nothing but a surprise. On the day of the official announcement, we learned that negotiations had begun last year.

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With said PS5 title, Housemarque has made a splash on bigger projects, which is why you can look forward to more AAA exclusives in the future. Kuittinen announced that upcoming projects could be “bigger and more ambitious”.

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