June 24, 2024

Sony opens the Creators Cloud to all Sony photographers and releases the Creators | app News, scenes and programmes

Sony opens the Creators Cloud to all Sony photographers and releases the Creators app

In September 2022, Sony acquired Creators Cloud Introducing, a platform with cloud applications and services for professional and corporate users. Recently, these have also been available to content producers working alone or in small teams – including free storage. Sony photographers can instantly upload their videos and photos from different devices to the cloud for editing and sharing.

The new device acts as a connection to the Creators Cloud Creators application, which replaces the previous Imaging Edge Mobile. Using the application, data from the camera can be transferred to the mobile device, and from there to the cloud. It can also be used to remotely control the camera. Sony camera owners also get 25GB of free cloud storage and – if they have a Sony account – an additional 5GB of storage. Its use is currently very limited. Loading only works with Alpha 7IV and ZV-1F. However, the Alpha 7R V, FX3, and FX30 models will also be compatible with the Creators App through Spring 2023 (Alpha 7 IV, Alpha 7R V, FX3, and FX30 cameras all require a software update.). Direct uploading from the camera to the cloud should also be possible at a later date.

With the launch of the Creators app for independent creators, the Cloud Gateway app is available to businesses.”C3 GateRenamed Enterprise Creators App.

Another new offering within Creators Cloud is explore. Discover gives creators a personalized space to showcase their content, get inspired, and interact with others. Photos and videos are displayed with information about the photographer/filmmaker, camera model, lens, settings, type, and more. Discover will also be available for free through the Creators app and web browser.

Additionally, Sony is planning an AI-enabled, cloud-based app that uses camera metadata to speed up video pre-editing. It will be the launch date “Master Cut” It is only available as a trial version accessible via a web browser and only in the United Kingdom. Master Cut aims to provide fast, easy, high-quality pre-editing of video content before sending it to the NLE (Non-Linear Editing Software) tool. Master Cut (Beta) features include accurate image stabilization using metadata, noise reduction, volume optimization by separating audio sources, multi-device access with cloud sync, and automatic grouping of similar clips using image analysis.

Creator Cloud is set to expand further in the future and expand regularly with new services and functionality based on user feedback. There is more information about Creators Cloud here.