June 23, 2024

Sonic 2022

Sonic Frontiers – The field gives hope for an early announcement – ntower

Fans have been waiting for a new adventure for a while now sonic the hedgehog league. Last summer, the long-awaited title was finally announced, more than a title Short teaser video But there was nothing to see. Shortly after that we told you about one Presumably leak, which included some details of the game and with “Sonic Rangers” also a possible name for the project. Then the game fell silent until SEGA got its name last month “sound boundaries” He secured it, which fans immediately associated with the new nickname.

While we can’t be sure at the moment if “Sonic Frontiers” will be the last title announced for 2022, we should be getting smarter soon. Attentive eyes noticed that the field”Frontiers.sonicthehedgehog.comShe got online recently, but it has refused to go in yet. This increases the chances of Timely announcementPerhaps during “The Game Awards 2021” on Thursday night. But until then, you have to wait and drink tea.

Would you be happy to see more Sonic Frontiers soon?

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