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Son of a Critch

Mark Critch, best known in Canada as a comedian and television personality, relives his youth in the 1980s in the sprawling state of Newfoundland in the retro comedy “Son of a Critch.” Critch serves as the voice-over narrator and also portrays his own father, Mike Critch.

11-year-old Mark (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) lives in modest circumstances and knows he’s an outsider with his interests. It no longer bothers him – he only painfully feels it at the beginning of the series when he has to move to a new school. Painful in the truest sense, because he attracts the unwanted attention of some bullies, the Fox brothers who are left on the couch several times. Mark is displeased that his red-haired younger sister is also receiving the attention of his brothers of the same age, which is usually only available. Fox (Sophia Powers). Heir to a family that produced mainly failures, he is an outsider at a school run by the Catholic Church. The third in the group is Rich (Mark Rivera), the son of strict Filipino parents who recently moved to the city.

Mark’s family includes father Mitch, who works at a local radio station, righteous mother Mary (Claire Rankin), older brother Mike Jr. (Colton Kobo), and his close confidant grandfather. Pop (Malcolm McDowell) – With whom Mark has to share a room.

“Son of a Critch” is a co-production of Lionsgate TV, whose offshoot Lionsgate+ has now said goodbye to the German business.

Turn on the burps

A Canadian family with diverse roots is at the center of “Run the Burbs”: Andrew (Andrew Fung) has Korean roots and his wife Camille (Raki Morjaria) is a house husband to his two children whose family has roots in the Southeast. Asia and earns bread for the family.

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Although both are really serious about life, with a house in the suburbs and two kids (portrayed by Zoria Wong and Roman Pesino), they still want to keep their youth easy.

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