June 21, 2024

Some trump cards in the beginning - must be at least 4 medals in athletics - sports

Some trump cards in the beginning – must be at least 4 medals in athletics – sports


In addition to Mujinga Kambundji and Simon Ehammer, Swiss Athletics believes a handful of other aces are capable of the precious metal.

Nearly a month ago, Mujinja Kamponge performed in 8 days at the world championships in Eugene: Over 100m made the most valuable performance with 5th place, over 200m, the 30-year-old lowered the Swiss record to 22.05sec and moderate She was not wrong with the 4x100m relay.

If the sprinter repeats her performance from the USA in Munich, she will have to wave three times from the podium, thus taking revenge on the Berlin 2018. At the last European Championship, she had to swallow the bitter pill by three fourth places. According to the entry list, whose ranking was created based on the season’s best rosters, only Britain’s Dina Asher Smith stands her way in the two races. The indoor world champion also competes in the relay as No. 2 on the entry list.

Ehammer this time as a decathlon

In the United States, decathlon runner Simon Emer snatched the bronze medal in the long jump. At the Decathlon in Munich, he now wants to be on the podium again. His Swiss record from Götzis (8,377 points) only places Appenzeller in fifth place in the entry list. But there is more to the 22-year-old, because before the competition in Vorarlberg he was a little sick and missed the 1500m with a weak 5: 08.51 minutes, a total of 8500 points. In addition, Ehammer is resting in Munich more than most of his competitors, who were in the Battle of Eugene only at the end of title fights.

Five with a possible medal

With hurdles runner Jason Joseph, tower runner Chiara Scherer, hurdler Ditaji Kamponje, pole vault driver Angelica Moser and heptathlon athlete Annick Kalin, the state abbreviation “SUI” appears 6 times in the top six in the entry list. Loïc Gasch was also among the likely candidates for the medal. However, Romand gave up on the competition on Friday due to persistent ankle problems.

Thanks to the breadth of Switzerland, hopes for medals don’t have to be limited to Mujinga Kambundji or Ehammer. Perhaps 800m runner Laure Hoffmann or Fabian Schlumpf, who finished 12th in the Olympics, will perform a marathon coup. On each of the seven days of the competition, the Swiss must participate in the struggle for the podiums.

“After the positive performances in recent years and most recently at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade and at the World Championships in Eugene, our goal should be to break the record in Berlin,” says Philippe Pande, Head of Competitive Sports in Swiss Athletics. In 2018, Leah Springer (gold), Fabian Schlumpf (silver in the steeplechase), Tadesse Abraham (silver) and Alex Wilson (bronze) elevated Switzerland to 14th in the medal table.